how to add some fancy to your front door. // a tutorial

hi friends! 

i am really excited about this post for 2 reasons. one: i have been wanting to do some sort of DIY post on this little blog for a while and two: i have been wanting to make this wreath for a long time. 

we basically had our christmas wreath up until the beginning of febuary, and we needed a replacement. i wanted to make one that i could pretty much use all the way though spring and summer and i came up with this! i am excited to share this with you, its not super detailed, but i hope that you understand! 

> a straw wreath
> a sewing kit
> floral fabric
> burlap
> a glue gun
> and iced coffee or other tasty drink

 the first thing i did was cut about 5 strips of fabric about 3 inches wide. you could do more or less, depending on how much of the wreath you would like covered in the floral fabric. 
also, i need new scissors. 

you then wrap the fabric around the wreath and pin it in place {you will later hot glue them in place. unless you are lazy like i am and you will just leave the pins there.}  do this until the wreath is covered enough to suit your fancy. 

so, i wanted about 3/4 of my wreath covered in floral fabric and the rest covered in burlap. this is what it looked like before the burlap. i am not exactly sure how much burlap i used, but it was pretty wide and so i didnt need a lot. i then wrapped it around the wreath the same way as the fabric - and pinned in place {or use hot glue.} 
and then i had an after thought to add some lace to the burlap. i really like it. now, put that fancy new wreath on your front door and sit back and drink that iced coffee you made while admiring your pretty little project.

this literally took me no more than an hour start to finish- i did it and cleaned it all up during nap time. 

clearly, i am not a craft blogger. or a photographer. because if i was i would probably have to fire myself because of the quality of this tutorial. but hey, we all have to start somewhere... right? 

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