365 photo // january

unlike most of you fancy bloggers, i do not have an iphone.
which is ok most of the time. 
except when i want to participate in fun things like the "photo of the day" craze on instagram. 

so, one day while i was pouting about my android, i came across a really helpful app called, 365 photos. and then all was well in my android world. it has been so helpful to take a photo each day and have it organized on my phone. this month i am using this as my guide and faking my way through #febphotoaday. 

// my sick, but still smiling girl on new years day// double ear infection// real marriage launch day//
//my very sick little lady// afternoon tea// 2 lattes to get me through the 6th sick day//
//feeling better// fun before sleeping// breakfast for dinner.

// trader joes stuffed chicken breasts// breakfast face// a cute hoodie from a clothing swap//
//sunset on a fri night// cookies for an afternoon treat// maggies first snowman//
//straight up chillin// good words// snow that wouldnt stop falling.//

//living room chalkboard// putting on makeup// first pigtails//
//after bath curls// a thrifted 'farmer gramps'// bath time//
// migrane// a walk at the park// DATE NIGHT// 

// baby evelyn// a fortune thats 'my dream'// 
// nutella, and coffee// reading the Bible//

i love doing this and i am excited to make a photo book with all my photos at the end of this year! 
also, i am so thankful for the response i have received regarding my last post. i love that i am not alone in this and i am praying that the Lord works in all of our hearts!


  1. Love all these fun & sweet pictures! I love seeing little glimpses of life like this. :)

  2. this is neat! I still have no idea what the heck Instagram is and I've had an iPhone for 2+ years.


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