a little bit of Easter & a little bit of change

oh friends. i am still recovering from this past weekend. it was completely amazing. our church held our Easter service at qwest field on sunday, & it was an amazing time of worship & just seeing the awesomeness that is Jesus. i want to write an entire post about sunday & i am hoping to be able to do that within the week. i have photos to post, & videos to share... it was just so wonderful. i love that good friday was & is such a somber event, because the joy that came with celebrating the resurrection of our Savior was astounding!! after a very full day at church, we went to my parents house & took a nap, ate a meal & enjoyed laughter with my family. its truly a blessing to have family so close. we ended the day with snacks at our dear friends house where miss maggie decided to have an incredible 'easter blowout' {which after further discussion we have figured that we are most likely teething. thanks heidi for the heads up!}  but even that could not put a damper on all the joy that we felt. oh it is so good to know that He lives so i can too. its so refreshing to know that i worship & serve a God who is
A L I V E ! ! 
here are some pictures from sunday:: 
don't you just love those eyes?!

family photo

lady baby & her daddy

trying to get a smile
 in other news...
its been avoided for far to long! the new look of this blog is lovely. like pretty much my dream. a few months ago when i became more 'serious' about blogging, i came across this gem of a blog. jhen is amazing. she designed this beautiful space for my thoughts & my heart. not only that, but she has started to become a sweet friend & i feel so blessed to 'know' her & i am excited to get to know her better! so, thank you, jhen for this lovely & amazingly beautiful space! 

to celebrate this new look, tomorrow i will be hosting my very first giveaway! i am really excited to share it with you all tomorrow afternoon! 
i know that a lot of my posts lately have been laced with trials & all the hard things going on in my life lately. i am feeling pretty gross about that, but i know that my heart has been in a place of gloom & sadness for a while now. it feels so good to see the joy of the LORD, to feel his grace in my life, to see him working in the lives of those around me, & to really begin to trust him in all areas. my cup is overflowing & the goodness of the LORD is all around me. it feels grand to just sit & bask in all the good that he is doing. mmm. the LORD is SO good. his love is so real & his grace is so sweet. 


  1. Love the new look, Ally! And yes, Sunday was awesome - yay Jesus!

  2. YAY for such a wonderful Easter and yay for your new look! I'm so glad you like it. I think you're a gem too!!!!!!!!!

    Ooh and a giveaway! That's so fun! Love it!

  3. Your website is very cute. I like the personal touches.


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