ahh. its friday. beautiful, lovely, friday. and it is my 2 to last one. boo. going back to work really soon. i wont tell you how many days, because i am trying not to count. this weekend we are getting all dolled up for our photo (until yesterday i was frantically searching for something to wear, but thanks to H&M, i was able to score a really adorable dress for $15! maggie will wear a sweet dress that her 'gg' made for her. i'll post pictures tomorrow!) another really exciting thing about this weekend is that maggie is spending the night away from home while my sweet husband and i go on a date. i think we are going to cheesecake factory, and a movie.. and then going to church without a babe! its going to be so strange! (but a really nice break!) also, my sweet husband has a job interview for a promotion on monday, so this weekend is going to be as low key as possible. please, pray for him and this interview... it would be such a huge blessing to our family if he gets this promotion. like a huge blessing. i am taking a break today from project thirtyone, mostly because i do not have enough quality time to write about the topic.  but i am doing something fun::

i know that i need to get in more photos with margaret. i feel really sad that there are already so few. so i am going to be participating in this fun little project on fridays. casey has a great blog that i have been following for a few months and i love it! anyways, this is super easy and you should join too! this photo was not taken today, so i dont know if that is 'cheating' or not :) , but tomorrow is a day full of pictures, and i will be posting some of those.

happy friday everyone!


  1. she's getting so big, Ally! Its going by so fast.

    I hope you guys have fun on your date... hopefully you won't be up all night missing Maggie.

  2. Originally when you linked up it didn't work so I am glad I checked again. There is no such thing as cheating in this challenge;0. The only important thing is that you did it!!! HOORAY!! Great picture of you with your sweet little girl and I SO look forward to seeing next weeks;0. Thanks for your sweet comment today. If I can be in prayer for you specifically for anything please let me know. I will pray about your hubby's interview!! God Bless you guys and blog hugs.

  3. Maggie is such a little cutie! Can't wait to see more! :)


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