a tribute to our month of love.

i am sitting in our new apartment, thinking of the thousands of things i need to unpack. everything is in boxes, and i feel like our home is an unorganized mess. but i love it here. i love it here so much more than i loved it there. (and at first, i really loved it there!) i wish i could just figure out where everything goes,and find new homes for all of our stuff, so that i can get onto the fun part. the decorating part! i promised myself (and me sweet, sweet husband) that this home would be a real home. that we would actually hang pictures and art on the wall. that we would actually have a theme to the quirky madness that we live in. that this home would be a place of rest, of love, of life, and a place for community. i honestly do not know how that will work yet, but i am working on it... and listening for the LORD to show me how.

Nick is at work today. its so hard when he is gone on Saturdays because i don't really feel like we get a weekend. i love it when we have 2 days to wake up and do projects, or just be with each other. this month has been insane. we have only had one weekend together. it has been hard, moving, and unpacking, and packing, and organizing and spending time with each other... and it hasn't been very easy to do the last part. next month is going to be glorious! we will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary, and taking a really fun (and relaxing!) trip to Portland and cannon beach... and i know that's going to make all this time spent apart worth it!

tomorrow we are starting our deacon training class at church. i am excited to learn alongside my dear friends, and my sweet husband. i look forward to all the wonderful things that the LORD will be teaching and showing us through that class.

Farewell February ( my month of love!) although you didn't turn out the exact way that i wanted you to, you were full of wonderful surprises and gifts from our savior that showed me love in ways i never knew! We are very excited for march, and all the love it will bring!

xoxo- a

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