i should be packing...

for those of you who have yet to hear, we are moving. again. to me it feels like we are always moving and for a girl who doesn't like change its not super easy. it is not easy to pack up my belongings, place them in boxes, get to a new home and unpack them just to repack them again. its hard. by the time we celebrate our first anniversary, i will have lived in 3 different homes as a married woman! whats so crazy about this, is that prior to being Mrs. Nick MacEwen, i was Miss Ally George, who lived in the same bedroom for 15 years. its amazing to me to try to understand what the LORD is showing me through all of this. is he preparing me for a lifetime of moves? a lifetime of picking up my belongings and following? isn't that what i am supposed to do anyways? as a follower of Jesus Christ, shouldn't i be ready to pick up and go with him wherever he leads? i love that the LORD continues to move me around and mold me to be more like the woman he created me to be.

but the packing! OH the packing! i just wish i could be marry poppins for one minute and sing a catchy song, snap my fingers and all our things would walk themselves into boxes. i know that the outcome of all this packing is unpacking and settling into our new space, which we love! the new place is bigger, and quieter, and cheaper, and newer and looks more like a real home, and has tons of storage (for all the stuff i think i need but i really don't.) i cant wait to get the keys and move into a place where (LORD willing) we get to stay for a year. i love the title of this blog, "his story" ( i intend to write a more detailed post on why we choose this name soon) it is such a good constant reminder to me that this life that we live doesn't belong to us, we are not writing it, HE is. and that is the most comforting thing i can imagine.


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  1. Ally girl, I have moved almost 30 times in my 25 years of marriage, so I will sympathize with you. The bright side: never having to sort through 10 year old stuff!!! Always cleaning and weeding through things hopefully causes less clutter. Love ya


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