Last week I kind of abruptly had to quit my job. It's a long messy story, not worth getting into, but it's been feeling a little mor of a burden than a blessing today. My Naturopath wants to do another round of expensive tests, I need a good hair cut in the worst way, the girls are growing out of their clothes and of course Molly ran out of wipes AND diapers in the same week. Our food budget has been so awful with not buying gluten or dairy (and I'm still a month later, hardcore struggling with quick easy and filling meals) last night I had the most intense panic attack after a pretty rotten migraine and friends, I just feel worn out. Tired all the time, ready to cry at the drop of a hat, worn out. BUT I've been learning a lot about Jesus and the way he cares for us when we are struggling, and guess what? He's not looking down on me disappointed that I haven't figured this all out yet. No, in fact he is grieving that I'm struggling. He calls us his, "little flock" because he truly cares so deeply for us, he's not judging me, he's loving me and wants to comfort as I struggle to trust and struggle to breathe. He says he will take care of the details, and he loves us more than the sparrows and I'm learning to listen and believe that as truth.

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  1. I SO SO SO Get how much dairy/gluten free costs. We tried to do it for a short season (without allergies) and I have compassion on you, it is hard to budget for. You are so right though, Jesus cares for us. He cares for you in these allergies and in budgeting. He walks alongside you and wants to help. I'm loving being back on your blog (I left so much social media for so long!)


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