is this thing on?

well, hello there.

i havent opened my laptop since the last time i wrote.
life has been, uh, overwhelming.
the transition from 1 to 2 kids is HARD.
especially when number 2 cries. a lot.

Molly June has cried for most of her life. not always a full on cry, but shes fussy. very much unlike her sister. if you follow me on insta then you have seen the struggle and the joy. im not even sure why i have this space, except for the fact that i know as soon as i get a grip on my life again, i'll want a place to write. 
the girls are both sleeping and this has happened exactly 4 times in the last 14 weeks. 
14 weeks tomorrow.
i cant believe it.
i have words to say, being all stored up in my brain for the chance to get them out. 
posts about breastfeeding and formula & about how it WRECKED me this time around.
posts about 4 year olds and their emotions and how they are not much different from my own.
posts about joy coming and finding good things.
posts about transitioning to being a big sister.
posts about what its like to have a high needs sensitive baby who cries a lot.
posts about not having PPD or anxiety, but about the intense emotions i do feel.
posts about how thankful i am for the love and encouragement from other moms.
posts about things i am learning and finding helpful the second time around.
posts about motherhood.
posts about friendship.
posts about trusting God with our life and our money.
posts about Church.
posts about my body and my heart.
and a ton of photos of my beautiful girls. 

i sometimes forget what it was like to have moments in the day where no one needs me. or where i could punch out a blog post, a load of laundry & a shower all before noon.
we have been blessed, oh so blessed! we are more tired than we ever could imagine, but we wouldnt change this life. 
i miss this space. i miss writing words. i miss having 'me' time. 
3 months into this 2 kids thing and i think its time for me to start remembering who i am. 
a writer, a memory keeper, a feeler, and a lady who longs to be heard. it wont be pretty over here, but then again, when has it ever been? im just going to take a deep breath and share it all, because thats what i do. 

its so good to be back. 

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  1. I have no clue who you are but I randomly came across your Instagram! I have a 13 week old and we have been having insane nursing struggles as well. Your posts, pictures and honest words were medicine to my aching heart. Oh my goodness. Thankful for you, woman. :) God Bless you beautiful mama.


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