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first of all, thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and encouragement i have received from you all regarding my last posts. i have lots more to write regarding friendship, and we are still praying for a baby, obviously i'll keep y'all posted on when and if Jesus blesses us with one!

this week has been a doozy. i'll be sharing why later this week, but let me tell you, its been tough. lots of tears. but i have been wanting to share with you guys some things i am currently loving.

mostly since having mags, i have not made self care a huge priority. if i am honest, i shower less than ever and i have little to no desire to do anything to my face or my hair. and i have seen the benefit to that (hardly ever needing to shampoo my hair....) and the negatives (really dull skin...)
so this year, i have been trying to take better care of myself and over the last month or 2 i have discovered some of my new favorite products and want to share them with you.


* body wash is my least favorite. it always makes my skin feel covered in some wax coating and i get really dry and itchy. its taken me basically my entire life to find one that i love. i dont love spending a ton of money on soap, because it literally gets washed down the drain. but, you cant not wash your body. so, i was at trader joes - - alone (hardly ever happens!) so i had time to actually look at what i was buying and i came across this body wash. it was less than $4, and has orange and grapefruit essential oils in it as well and it leaves my skin soft, moisturized and clean. plus the smell is amazing and makes my shower feel relaxing even if it needs to happen in 6 and a half minutes.

* i never thought i would be buying beauty products at trader joes. shoot, 4 years ago i swore i would never ever shop at trader joes because it was a fad. (oh how i dont miss being 22!!) but this shampoo is amazing!! i said before that i hardly wash my hair, and i mean it. sometimes only once a week, but never more than 3 times a week. when i wash my hair i want it to feel clean. i love shampoo that tingles. the peppermint in this shampoo gives my scalp a tingly feeling which makes me feel like its super clean. it has also really helped bring my frizzy, mopey curls more life. i have not used the conditioner yet, but as soon as my herbal essence is gone im going to be buying this. the smell is also incredible!

* speaking of curls, im trying really hard to love mine again. before i had maggie i had thick, bouncy curls. after having her my curls became flat, dull and frizzy plus,  i lost a ton of my hair, and it never came back. earlier this year i thought that bleaching my hair would be a really awesome idea, and while it looks cute, the bleaching and the intense amount of heat damage i have done has really made my hair feel like straw. in an effort to stop blow drying/flat ironing/ curling my hair every ding dang day, i am trying to let my hair go natural. my curls are too frizzy on their own and too crunchy/ not my style with a mousse. i saw this John Frieda unwind curls calming creme, in a magazine and went out to buy it right away. it is awesome. it calms my frizzy half ringlets into softer curls/waves and it doesn't leave them crunchy or greasy. i also use it on maggie's curls and it helps calm them down too.

* heres a secret. i never wash my face. i basically use i diaper wipe every day.
i dont know how i had the worst acne in jr high and then it just went away, and i stopped washing my face. whenever i do wash my face ( which is way more often now that im not 20) i want it to feel clean. tingly = clean to me. biore always has this ice cleanser that i have used since i was a teenager and i love it. it literally makes my face feel cold and tingly. i jumped on the activated charcoal wagon after i read that it can stop vomiting (because y'all know how much i hate even the idea that i might throw up) and have found it really interesting how it draws out impurities. while shopping for my usual biore face wash, i found this and decided to give it a try. it works really well, and my face looks brighter. i have had a few breakouts since i started using it, but i wonder if its because im finally unclogging my pores and getting the junk out. i can actually go a day without wearing some kind of cover up because i feel like my skin tone is more even.

* a few months ago i looked in the mirror long and hard, i realized that no matter how much sleep i was getting i still always looked exhausted. i have bags under my eyes that no amount of sleep will ever change. i decided it was time to find something to help them. this product from boots no7 was on clearance at target, so i bought it. it has these amazing little 'cooling' roller balls that the gel comes out of and it feels amazing on tired puffy eyes. even my husband has noticed the difference it has made on lessening the dark bags under my eyes. i use it everyday and hope that even though it was on clearance it doesnt mean its being discontinued. 

* last but not least. nail color.
i love to paint my nails - after working as a barista for 5 years where i couldnt have painted nails,  i cherish every time i get to swipe a pretty color on them now. i usually stick to red and pink but maggie requests we match a lot and she is more adventurous in her color choices. this purple color looked scary in the bottle , it looks a little out there to me. but i have been obsessed with it. its fun, and bright and perfect for spring and summer. i dont like to spend a lot on polish, and the NYC brand is less than $2 and it dries in 60 seconds (literally it dries so fast!) which is perfect for painting wiggly toddler fingers and toes and perfect for a mama who doesnt have much time to sit and wait for her nails to dry. the color is called ' Lincoln Square Lavender' but 'Uptown' is close!

so there you go, a quick run down of the beauty products i am using and loving. if you learned anything about me from this post, its that i dont wash my hair, tingly feeling = clean feeling,  i dont shop anywhere but trader joes & target, and if it takes too much time to do it, i just dont.

what products have you been loving lately?

** this is all just my own findings. i am not being paid by any of these companies for talking about their products, but that would be awesome if i was.

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