Ohhh Heeeeey....

i have really great intentions of blogging, and then not. 

this is the reason why i could never be a real blogger - with lots of followers. 
because i cant get my junk together and write. i would rather spend my free time watching 
parenthood or CSI on netflix sometimes. 
or sleeping. 

January was a blur. 
we were sick.
with the worst cold ever, and we just stopped coughing constantly yesterday.
i could post a million photos of what we did during the month, or you could just check out
my instagram. i am allymacewen on there in case you dont already follow me. :) 

we played card games.
we baked a lot. 
we refinished our kitchen table. (by we i mean, nick)
we potty trained.
we stayed home a lot.
we watched a lot of movies. more than i care to admit.

it was good. January is my least favorite month, and i am super glad its over. 

but February. 
February is my jam.
i love love. 
valentines day is like my Christmas. 
and this month i have something really fun to share,
i am kicking off a sweet little series tomorrow about love. 
not just mushy love.
not the kind of stories all the single people and valentines day haters dred.
but stories of what love is, stories of loving other people, and how we can love better.
i hope you will come back tomorrow to hear from one of my sweet friends as we kick off the 
first week of this little blogs first little series!

See you then! 

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