>>> simplify<<<

i know that january is almost over. i know that these posts are old news.
but i dont care.
im catching up slowly but surely on this little blog.

last year i asked Jesus to give me a word, and he put the word surrender on my heart. this year, i cant seem to get away from the word simplify.
and not just simplifying our belongings, but simplifying all areas of our life, of my life.
i have added so much to understanding Jesus- so much more than i need to. i need to simplify how i get to him. i need to remember that i dont have to be a certain way, or look a certain way, or pray a certain way to be close to Jesus. i need to be reminded of the simple truths of the gospel. the simplicity of coming to Jesus like a child comes to their father. i have added so many "steps" that i dont need and this year i want to focus on simplifying my walk with the Lord. i want to stop adding so many things to my walk, so many things that i think " if i do this than i will feel closer to Jesus.." and to just dig deeper into his word, and talk to him honestly, and really listen. 

and clearly, simplify is a good word for other areas of my life. i mean, i am one stack away from being on an episode of hoarders. Jesus was sweet to send me an incredibly blessing in the form of a new friend who has some serious organizing and decorating skills. we have already made headway in simplifying our kitchen and our stacks of paper. i am really excited to share more of this with you all soon! 

and sticking with the theme of simplicity, i wanted to make my goals for this year simple. i figured if i set goals that we actually reachable, than i would feel accomplished by the end of the year instead of overwhelmed by the things i didnt get crossed off my list. these six things seem pretty doable. 


and with that, i'll wrap up this post with an update of the last month. basically, we have been sick or just getting over being sick all of january. which has been exhausting. we tried potty training, nick worked (either at his Job or his internship) every single weekend this month. i got a second degree burn on my hand making oatmeal 2 days ago and had to make a trip to the urgent care. its been cold and rainy so we have not had much time out of the house and maggie and i have been going crazy. we are so excited for febuary. praying it is filled with simple things, a whole lot of love and more rest than january. 



  1. I love this. Simplify is something that really resonates with me too. This year I chose "present". Being "present" that is...and not being distracted by my computer, phone, etc. Hope February is a much more "healthy" month for you. :)

  2. This is great! Thank you for sharing. I just finished reading the book, Becoming a Woman of Simplicity by Cynthia Heald. Extremely convicting and challenging, but most importantly she points to Jesus through her entire book.It might encourage your heart as it did mine!


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