the one where we went to portland.

hi friends!

 2 weekends ago we packed up our little silver car, and drove the 3 hours south to our favorite vacation spot. nick and i spent our one year wedding anniversary in portland, and then we took maggie last year when she was 6 months old, & decided to go again this year. its like a memorial day tradition. we love, love, love portland {enough to move there if the Lord asked us to.} i'll warn you now, this post will be full of a lot of photographs - and if you follow us on instagram then they will all be repeats. we instagramed {is that a word? if not, it will be soon. weird.}  the entire trip. 

the pearl decided that she was going to stay awake the entire day. no sleeping on the ride there - but we borrowed a dvd player so she got to watch elmo and we got to drive without a screaming overtired toddler. also - she is adorable. 

while she listened to elmo sing the abc's - nick and i got our dance on. we love to dance in the car. i'll show you a video sometime.

so, we never plan anything when we go to portland. we just drive there, priceline a hotel and then do whatever. when we showed up to the hotel that we got, there was a man screaming at the top of his lungs walking around the street. nick went inside to check in and then came out to get our bags {and us!} and the cops pulled in and yelled for the man to get his hands where they could see them and lie on the pavement. nick jumped in the car and we watched them pull tons of junk out of his pockets, including needles and stayed in the car becuase we were blocked by 2 cop cars, an ambulance. it felt like we were on an episode of COPS. there is never a dull moment with us when we go on vacation. 

so, just in case that night was not fun enough, we couldnt get maggie to sleep in the hotel. at all. maybe for like 2 hours. but she did get so grumpy at me, that she scratched me in the face & i had blood all over my cheek, while nick and i sleepily tried to get her to sleep. it was miserable. but the second night, the GLORIOUS second night, she fell asleep, and slept until after 8 in the morning. vacation with a little one is not always easy. 

most of our photos are of food. which is clearly our favorite part of taking a vacation. we ate well, and stayed caffinated. we thrifted a little, and went to crafty wonderland, powells,and a park, and drove around looking at all the houses while i dreamed about moving into them. *sigh*
the best place that we ate was on sunday morning for breakfast. it is called slappy cakes. basically you make your pancakes at your table on a griddle. it was AMAZING. maggie loved it, we loved it and it was so worth the 45 min wait. we will go there every single time we go to portland now. if you are going, you should make sure to stop there and eat. 
we are already really looking forward to next year! {although i am pretty sure i'll be making a little trip by myself for a blogger meet up in the fall! eeek! } 


  1. I'm headed to Portland on a jet plane tomorrow :) looks like you had a great time!!

  2. wow, looks like such a great time! & a place where you can make your own pancakes? how awesome is that?! :)


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