hi blog.
i have been a bit scattered this week.
my house is falling apart.
my pearl is sick for the 300th time this year.
our car is b.u.s.t.e.d.
i dropped my brand new cell phone - IN THE BATH TUB.
i drank a gallon of iced coffee.
its thursday and i have not showered yet this week.
1 peter is kicking my butt - in a really good way.
spring cleaning has started and i want to have a garage sale.
but i live in an apartment, so thats not happening.
had a sweet time with one of my bff's - staying at her house till
2am, talking, laughing and watching greys anatomy.best.idea.ever.
tried the 'sock bun' and loved it.

made stuffed peppers for dinner last night & maggie was in LOVE.
it snowed. 
and then it was sunny.
in the same day.

got the chance to hang out with both my parents. 
laughed at and with my dad. {he is hilarious.}
watched 'the hurt locker' & decided that since my brother has joined the army, i can never ever watch a movie like that again. ever.

working on memorizing phil 4:8
watched our pastor and his lovely wife on the view.
went out to lunch to celebrate a bff's birthday.
my heart has been full of grace, and patience and love for others.

made a huge mess in our bedroom to set up our new {to us} pack n play. 
dreading cleaning up that huge mess.
loaded and unloaded the dishwasher at least 100 times. 
looking forward to dinner with friends tonight.
had a coffee date with a lovely bride to be.
actually made it to community group for the first time in a month.

and last but not least:
broke my own rule by staying in sweatpants just about everyday this week.

happy thursday, friends. 
i am looking forward to the weekend. 

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  1. I have no idea why, but I loved this post. It reminded me of the articles "John" writes for his column on Marley and Me :)

    I haven't showered today. I'm still braless too.
    I always worry these are the days a friend will stop by to visit and I'll be like "oh yes, this is how we roll."

    I love Philippians 4:8!! Happy memorizing.


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