a good day...

 my sweet husband & i lead a community group,{i think i have mentioned this before...}in case you are unfamilar community groups {or CG as we like to call it..} are little small groups through our church. since being in this leadership role we have lead 2 different groups. our first group became so large {by Gods Grace} & we relpicated the group from one huge group to 2 still pretty large groups. our prayer is to replicate again & then see where the LORD calls us. the point of me sharing all that is that tonight, our not so small group is meeting in our not so large apartment. & i am really excited!! i have wanted to host a community group for a really long time & use my home to serve the LORD, & even though this is a one time thing, i am really looking forward to this oppurtunity. now, if anyone knows me, you know that i am a giant people pleaser. like i want my house to look the way it 'should' before i invite people over {which is why we never have people over, but i'll save all that hoopla for another post..} so this is a HUGE day of testing to me as i prepare my house to possibly have 15+ people in it this evening. do you want to know something? i am not worried about it in the least bit. i am just feeling joy usuing what the LORD has given me for his glory, because it is all his anyways. i dont even care that we might not have enough places for people to sit. or that my daughters bedroom is a mess so we are not going to be able to split for men & womens prayer. {i am actually looking forward to praying all together!} i am not stressed that there is no artwork hung on our walls... or that my house doesnt quite have the 'charm' that i would hope for it to have. & that friends, is a huge leap forward in the direction of being content & satisfied. i have been a little giddy about that all day! 
now i am sitting here, listening to the hum of our dishwasher & hearing the heavy breathing { & snores} of my daughter in the other room sleeping. its lovely to feel so much peace right now. this morning we were able to run some errands at target & pick up a few summer items for maggie. i am not sure when the sun will decide to come out, but our little girl is growing fast & i realized we dont have very many warm weather clothes for her. so i took back some sweet dresses that she never got to wear {because she grew a ton this last month!} and bought these :

a sweet little dress
you can't tell but it says ' i <3 shoes'
um yes please. i am so getting one to match.

i can not wait to see those chubby legs in this gem!

well, enough day dreaming of summer. i think i'll go sneak in a few minutes of napping myself...

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  1. that is so awesome and encouraging that y'all lead a community group..i hope it goes wonderful! :)

    also..i love those little outfits, so precious!


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