oh sweet friday night...

there is not a lot of time to write a full thought out post, because tonight i am dating my husband. i love that sweet man so much. i am thankful because my mama has miss maggie pearl tonight so we can get some rest, because tomorrow i get to be at work at 4am. {gross.} 

speaking of my sweet wonderful husband, he sent me this link today on facebook about marriage, & since thats pretty much all that anyone is talking about today, i wanted to write a post on the teaching that he sent... but i also wanted to write it after i have watched the royal wedding. i had to work this morning so i did not get to enjoy it 'live', but am looking forward to watching it tomorrow after work & then writing a post i have wanted to write about marriage for a long time. 

well, i better get back to my date. i hope you are all having a lovely friday evening. 

ps. dont forget about my giveaway!! you have until sunday to enter! 


  1. I'm not sure I'll ever understand "sleeping well" when baby is not with you... but have a fun night anyway! ;-)

  2. its funny because i totally thought that i would be that mama that can not sleep well knowing her babe is not in the same house... but when you have to be up & out of the house by 4am & you feel like you haven't slept in months, its a huge relief to not have to worry. sometimes i think i need the break just to be able to recharge to take the best care of maggiepie. its the waking up & not having her to snuggle with that is hard for me! :)

  3. Yeah, I'm seriously just odd that way. We don't even let family baby sit our babies until they're closer to the age of 1 year. Just a personal thing. I like them to be with me and with Kara I nursed her and couldn't use a pump, so she had to be with me :)

    I think I get more attached to them with each child we have. Maybe just understanding more of how fast the baby phase goes by.

    But its truly just a "thing" with Jason and I. We like it and prefer it that way, but we know we're odd and out numbered.

    We can still be friends, even though we're different ;-)

  4. also, we do baby sit for free! :)

  5. sounds great!! yeah, i really prayed that i would be able to trust others with maggie easily because otherwise going back to work would have been so terrible! but its so true how fast the baby phase goes. i already feel like its almost over!! :( love you sweet friend!


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