it smells like Christmas cookies...

this weekend was full of Christmas events! on Friday, (which is our regular date night) we went out to dinner and then drove around the highlands looking at Christmas lights... which is something that I (Ally) always did with my parents. it was really interesting because i am pretty sure that there was significantly less houses decorated here in the highlands than in maple valley; but it was still so fun! we also found a house that Nick used to drive by when he was a kid, and it had most of the same decorations and they were really cool giant boxes with moving scenes inside them. i really liked it.. it was my favorite! Then on Saturday, we got up and headed to the mall to finish (and start!) our shopping! Thankfully we got there early enough that it was not too crowded and left just as the mall started to fill up. Later that day we headed to the Munsinger family Christmas party at my parents house... there was about 48 people there, and we played a fun game and came home with some really useful gifts! On Saturday night we went to our friends, the Studley's house for a "tinsel and taco's" party, which was really fun! Sunday we went to Church and the sermon was awesome. I am always amazed at how the LORD is working on things in my heart all week and then those things are the topic of the sermon on Sunday. we serve an awesome God! We also started baking Christmas cookies on Sunday... this morning, i started icing them, so i am excited to see how those all turn out! On Tuesday, we are going to the PNB Nutcracker.... and we are so excited! i will post some photo's soon... but for now, have a wonderful first day of Christmas week!

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